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Stevens Does The Best Job Turning CDL Graduates Into Truck Drivers

It’s the success stories that give Charlie Tweedy the confidence to send his graduates to Stevens after receiving their CDL from CWW.

Charlie Tweedy, Director of Careers World Wide Trucking School in Colorado, feels Stevens Transport does the best job of taking his CDL Graduates and turning them into solid truck drivers. He has been in trucking since he was 19 and bought his first truck in 1977. After amassing a small fleet, he found it challenging to find qualified drivers and decided to train his own. This led to selling his fleet and becoming the regional director of one of the largest tractor-trailer training facilities in the nation. And just like Stevens Transport, CWW takes great pride in producing safe and capable drivers that are an asset to the industry.

When asked why he sends so many graduates to Stevens Transport, he stated,  “The reason Stevens Transport is our most preferred Carrier is because of their outstanding driver finishing & orientation program. They’re focused on new CDL graduates, and as a result, they create an environment where they can succeed.  I tell my students all the time that Stevens Transport is the best place for a new driver to begin their career”.

The Trucking Industry

Trucking is the 2nd largest industry in the United States. Truck drivers deliver just about everything we use on a daily basis. There are 3.5 million trucks on the road every day and without trucks, America simply stops. Therefore, with the current shortage of truck drivers we are facing, it’s companies like Stevens Transport that give rookies a chance to get into a trucking career while helping to lessen the driver shortage.

Happy Graduates Tell The Real Story

Stevens Transport not only trains great drivers, they make happy employees as well. Drivers come by CWW giving high praise for how Stevens is helping them achieve a level of success they never thought possible. As a result, It’s these success stories that gives Charlie the confidence to send his students to Stevens after receiving their CDL from CWW. The fact that students identify with Stevens’ new Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks doesn’t hurt.

Charlie feels like trucking is a great career for many reasons. It’s recession-proof. A trucking job won’t be replaced overseas or by a computer. You can live anywhere in the United States. And most importantly, you can make a great living while exploring America.

For more information on how to become a successful truck driver with Stevens Transport call 800-333-8595.

Published March 6, 2017