image of the Cooper Family, 2021 team drivers of the year

2021 Team Drivers of the Year – The Cooper Family

Husband-Wife Team Recount Their Journey

From Online Meeting To Career Opportunity

In 2017, Chris met Suzanne Irvine through a Facebook group, and after meeting up while Chris was taking his break under a load, a romance quickly began to blossom. The following year was a great one for the pair. Their relationship quickly grew, and in August of 2018, Suzanne decided to get her CDL and join Chris on the road! Chris stated that he made sure that she was serious about the career and how this profession would be a complete lifestyle change. “This profession is more than an 8-5 job,” Chris mentioned to Suzanne. “If this is what you want, I want to make sure that you join the Stevens Transport team and receive the best training in the country from the Stevens Driving Academy.”

Flash forward, Chris and Suzanne have seen great success as a team with Stevens Transport, even winning the 2019 Runner-Up Team of the Year. The team has finally won the award they almost captured in 2019! “We will forever be in debt to Stevens Transport for allowing us to meet each other since we originally lived on different sides of the country,” the team stated. “We suggest that anyone who has the opportunity to team with their spouse to take it because it will pay off highly down the road.” Outside of work, Chris and Suzanne enjoys spending their free time relaxing with their dog!

Published May 10, 2022