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Driver Spotlight: Steve Harris

Stevens driver selected as a Transition Trucking Top 10 Finalist

July 9th, 2019 was another normal day for Stevens driver Steve Harris. He was sitting in his truck with his trainee waiting to get loaded when his phone lit up with a call from Stevens. He answered the phone, not knowing what to expect from the person on the other line.

“Congratulations Steve!” Marina Garcia, former Driver Relations Manager, exclaimed. “You’ve been selected as a Transition to Trucking Top 10 Finalist! All of us at Stevens are very excited about this news, and we are so proud of you for this outstanding accomplishment!”

Steve distinctly remembered that he instantly had a feeling of butterflies in his stomach. “I was hesitant to be nominated in the first place,” Steve said. “But I could not be more excited about the outcome!”

Steve’s Story

Steve was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. After he graduated from high school, Steve attended the Army Mountain Warfare School in Jericho, Vermont. Upon his graduation in 2002, Steve became a member of the United States Marine Corps and attended boot camp as a Single-Channel Equipment Operator.

After Steve completed boot camp, he was assigned to the Third Force Service Support Group based in Okinawa, Japan, where he served as a Multi-Channel Transmission Officer. After that assignment, Steve was deployed to Iraq to support Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Platoon Sergeant. Four years later, Steve was deployed to Afghanistan to support Operation Enduring Freedom as a Radio Chief. Steve’s last assignment brought him full circle back to Okinawa, Japan, where he watched over the communication equipment for the Commanding General.

Throughout his military career, Steve achieved much success and received many awards, including:

  • Navy Unit Commendation – 2 Stars
  • NATO Medal
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
  • Sea Service Deployment Ribbon – 7 Stars

Steve’s Personal Transition to Trucking

After being Honorably Discharged and released from active duty status in December of 2017, Steve returned home and started a new career as a corrections officer in Georgia. Although he enjoyed this position, Steve wanted a profession that would allow him more personal freedom.

Steve researched the trucking industry, and it seemed to be the perfect fit for the checklist he had made for his next professional move. He registered for classes at Georgia Driving Academy and graduated with his CDL in June of 2018.

“After I graduated from GDA, I researched different trucking companies to see which one would be the best for me,” Steve said. “I decided on Stevens after seeing the immense amount of positive reviews, and the success of other drivers. The company colors are also my favorite colors, so that was also a great incentive.”

Ever since Steve joined the Stevens family, he has achieved much success, including being named Graduate Driver of the Month in October of 2018. Steve also made the decision to become a trainer in April of 2019.

“Part of my job in the military was training other Marines in their duties, and when I found out that Stevens offered that same position to their drivers, I jumped on the opportunity,” Steve said. “I’ve loved training, and can’t wait to see my students in their trucks on the road with me!”

“Steve is a natural in this industry, and I believe his military experiences have related very well to his position,” Smokey Adams, Vice President of Operations said. “He has averaged more than 10,000 miles per month, and being new to this profession, that makes a strong statement about his drive and character.”

Brad Turner, Steve’s Driver Manager Operations Leader, also spoke highly of Steve and his accomplishments.

“Steve’s attention to detail and his strong work ethic have made him very successful in his career as an Independent Contractor with our Contractor Division program,” Brad said. “We can always count on Steve and we are proud to have him as a member of our team!”

Top 4 Finalists Announced

The top four finalists for the award were announced at the Great American Trucking Show at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, TX on Friday, August 23rd. Steve and three others were recognized as the top 4 finalist. The winner will be announced and receive the keys to a brand new Kenworth truck on December 6th in Washington, DC. Watch for updates on when fan voting begins.

Published September 20, 2019