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You Will Always Have a Home At Stevens Transport

After ten years with Stevens Transport, John Long still feels like part of the family.

In November of 1996, John was excited to follow in the footsteps of his relatives and become a truck driver with Stevens Transport. A friend that drove for Stevens highly recommended he give Stevens a try because of the excellent training, safety and family atmosphere. And since his father, uncles and cousins are all truck drivers, this has always been his dream. And Stevens helped him make his dream a reality.

What John enjoys most about driving for Stevens is that it is a family company. He feels he was well taken care of when he first started, and after 10 years, is still taken care of as a family member.

John knows that he has a secure position with Stevens and recommends Stevens to anyone who is willing to work hard and be a successful driver. Stevens only has the best equipment and technology, and there is no lack of freight so drivers can attain as many hours on the road as desired. However, the most important quality about Stevens is the way you feel like a part of the family and always have a place to call home.

After a certain point, you just don’t leave your family. You stay with them through thick and thin.

– John Long

To find out how you can become a Stevens family member, call us today at 800-333-8595.

Published July 5, 2017